fullWidth, Boolean, false, Make the carousel a full width slider like the second example. onCycleTo, Function, null, Callback for when a new slide is cycled to. Checkbox | Semantic UI

14 Jul 2018 I wasn't totally sure how I wanted it to look or function, but I did know that I the user choose to go to the next/previous picture it does not disrupt the interval.. showSlides determines which slide to show and which slides to 

Dude, I just read the intro to Stimulus (stimulusjs.org - Dev.to

Using Webpacker in Ruby on Rails applications : Lugo Labs 24 Mar 2018 Using ES6 in Ruby on Rails applications with Webpacker: with Bootstrap, Turbolinks, fonts, and other images. Rails Helpers Done Right: A Bootstrap Carousel Example View helpers are a staple of Rails development, but they are notoriously